Dress Code

Our goal is to provide an environment in which students can focus on learning and not on clothing which distracts from that work. Please note the following guidelines for student attire and contact our school office with any questions. Students found to be out of compliance with the dress code will be provided with appropriate loan clothing from the Panther Closet. If this is not possible, the student will call home for another change of clothes.


  • Should not have logos or designs that directly or indirectly advertise alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, gangs, have sexual overtones, and/or offensive/demeaning language.
  • No halter tops, tank tops or spaghetti straps-must have 2-inch shoulder straps.
  • No shirts that expose bare midriffs, are low-cut, or are see-through. Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff, even while raising the hand to answer a question.

Long pants, shorts, skirts,
skorts, jumpers, etc.

  • Must be worn at the waist with looseness of no more than one inch, and with a belt, if needed (no sagging).
  • Pants should not touch the ground.
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers should be at least one inch longer than the tips of the fingers when held against the sides of the legs.
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers above the knee should be worn with leggings underneath.

Socks and shoes

  • Preferably sneaker-type shoes—Heelies shoes are not allowed.
  • Low heels only for safety reasons.
  • Recommended that sandals have a heel strap.
  • Footwear that compromises the safety of students should be avoided.
  • Socks and shoes must be worn to PE classes

Hats and hoods

  • May be worn if they are not covering the student’s face.
  • May not disturb the educational environment.
  • Students may be asked to remove hats/hoods due to safety reasons and depending on the activity or class. It is expected that the student follows the teacher’s directions when asked to be removed.